This page last updated: January 23, 2024


If your campaigns are complex and require more unique features, then you will probably need a platform from this category.

Key features

Enterprise platforms offer a variety of standard peer-to-peer features found in the mid-market and no/low fee platforms as well as additional features that might include (be sure to verify with each vendor that these features are included):

  • Ability to have participants register and set up a personal page
  • Ability for participants to create teams (and often an optional level above teams, such as “companies” or “schools”)
  • Event registration and ability to make a self-donation at time of registration
  • Custom reporting, data extraction, and often robust integrations
  • Customize the look and feel of pages (to varying degrees)
  • Gamification with progress meters and other features, like milestone badges
  • Suggested emails and ability for participants to send emails from the platform

Note that normally, the platform’s name will appear in the URL, so be sure ask about this if it is important to you that the platform’s name is not in the URL.


There are multiple platforms that fall into this category. Here are some of the top platforms:

Features comparison tool

Drag and drop up to three company logos (logos appear below the chart) to compare platforms and their features.

Platform capabilitiesThird-party email integrationsIs there the ability to re-join a campaign year over year?Can a credit card guarantee be used for required minimum fundraising?Can remote staff be provided restricted event management access?What currencies are supported?Is there multi-lingual support?Is pdf receipting supported?Is livestream fundraising supported?Which merchant services are supported?Are APIs available? (Link provide where available publicly.)Other integrationsImplementation costsPlatform feesTransaction feesContract terms




MC, CC, VRUSDAuthorize.net, StripeIntegrations available Variable$300+ per month2%1, 2, or 3 yearsN/AMultipleBlackbaud Merchant ServicesAPIs available facebook fundraising and others through partner network $3,000+$4,500 per year2 to 5.5%3 yearsVia APIsODmultiple supportedAPIs available  VariableVariable01, 2, or 3 yearsCC,KO,MCODmultiple supportedAPIs available multiple available VariableVariableVariable1, 2, or 3 yearsMCODmultiple supportedmultiple availableVariableVariableBased on volume3 years CC, KO, MC ODmultiple supportedAPIs available multiple available$1,000$1,500+ per year 1 to 4.5%Annual or multi-yearAutopilot, CM, MCODmultiple supportedAPIs available multiple available $5,000+ AUD$120+ AUDFixed 3%Monthly MC, LO, others via SFODmultiple supportedAPIs available to clientsSalesforce, Luminate Online, WhatsApp and others$995 - $1,995$3,600 per year Essentials plan, $6,000+ per year for Pro and Enterprise plans0 to 3.5% *only apply if plans annual fundraising allowance is exceededAnnual or multi-yearNoMultiplemultiple supportedAPIs available to clients$500$1,800 to $5,000 per year1.5 to 5%AnnualMCODmultiple supportedAPIs available to clientsmultiple integrations available$750 - $2,500$2,000 to $4,000 per year2.5 to 4%1, 2, or 3 yearsMCODmultiple supportedAPIs available multiple integrations availableNone$0 to 10,000+ per year5% + ccAnnual

CC Constant Contact
CM Campaign Monitor
iC iContact
KO Klaviyo
MC MailChimp
OLX Blackbaud’s Online Express
PA Pardot
PR Predictive Response
Z Zapier
AUD Australian Dollar
CAD Canadian Dollar
EUR Euro
GBP British Pound
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
NZD New Zealand Dollar
OD Transactions can be tracked in any currency the organization designates
USD U.S. Dollar